18 Jun 2008

Making Money Through Google Adsense

One way to make money on your website is through adverts, Google�s adverts are used across the web and provide a good revenue source whether you�re a blogger or small business. These short tips will introduce you to Google�s Adsense program and help maximize potential revenue for your site.

1. Know how Google ads work.

Google�s adverts bring much better results than normal advertising because each advert is targeted to the content of that page. For instance you might have a webpage about food, Google would index your page then target adverts based on that content. Adverts may range from catering services to supermarkets; some may be more relevant than others, the key is to get adverts that your visitors are interested in.

2. Are Google ads right for you?

If your site already sells a product or service you most likely don�t want adverts, as they will attract possible customers attention away from your site. If you�re a Blogger there are other ways to make money from affiliate programs, sponsorship, donations and merchandising.

You might want to consider a couple of these revenue ideas in order to make money from your site. Cafepress is one company that allows you to create your own products with customized logos and writing.

3. Sign up for Adsense

In order to qualify for Google�s Adsense program you need to make sure you site conforms to their program policy, you shouldn�t have a problem unless your site contains hardcore pornography, illicit drugs, hate crimes or other illegal activity.

If you do have any problems applying either check the content of your site or contact Google.

4. Know how and where to place ads.

Placing adverts is very simple but it is very important you get the adverts in the right place. Within your Adsense account you can choose the layout and customize the style of the advert, this produces a piece of JavaScript that you then cut and paste into your webpage where you want the advert to show.

Placing your adverts on the right part your page is important so that people looking at your site will see the advert. Putting adverts in with your page content is a lot more effective than putting them in with navigation or at the edges of the page.

On the other hand putting ads too intrusively into your page will put people off, some sites use ads in such a way that they have to write �Story continues below advert�, if the advert is that big then you might want to try a smaller advert.

If your advert is in the middle of a large chunk of text then the reader is going to come across your advert as they read your page, doing this also has the added effect of breaking up areas of text.

Adsense also offers the ability to add Google search to your site, sometimes adverts simply don�t work and with Adsense for search you get paid when someone clicks on a sponsored advert when they search for something.

At the top of the ImAFish forum I have put a Google search box, I have then been advertising this and trying to get my users into the habit of using it to search Google rather than their normal means.

5. Placing ad�s on content rich pages.

Putting adverts on pages full of navigation links won�t normally give good-targeted adverts. A good example of this is the front page of the ImAFish forum as it is simply links to other forums on more specific categories.

When Google can�t find an advert to place on a page it will display a public service advert that you will not get paid for. The same could be said if you had an empty page with just adverts on, as Google can�t find anything to display, public service ads will be shown.

You may have problems with adverts on image rich pages, I had some adverts on my gallery at one time and found I had a lot of public service adverts as Google can�t analyze the contents of an image unless it has meta data associated with it.

Try to avoid placing adverts in frames, as the ad may not correspond to the content in the other frame.

6. Attracting people to your site.

The more people you have visiting your site the more people that are likely to click an advert! That�s why good careful marketing of your site and its content is important.

There are a lot of simple free ways to get people on your site, adding your site address to your email signature a simple one or as I like to do put new features or content from my site on my MSN name. Be careful not to spam people, as it won�t give your site a good name.

You can add your site to various directory websites for instance the open directory project dmoz.org has many categories you can add your site too. For Bloggers sites such as blogdex.net/ and technorati.com are good directories while notification services such as pingoat.com are useful for pinging other directories to get your Blog noticed.

7. Good Site Content

The best way to attract people to your site and to get relevant adverts is your sites content. Good site content though will not guarantee relevant adverts. On the forum we had a problem of just getting adverts for Blog services rather than the content in our forum posts, this was mainly because of the word Blog in the navigation, unfortunately the only way round this was to remove the word from the navigation.

If there are certain URL�s you think are competing with you�re content rather than being useful then you can block them in the �Competitive Ad Filter� in your Adsense account.

8. How much will I get from Google Ads?

This depends on a number of things, the position of the ads on your page, number of visitors you get, relevancy of ads and how well paid each advert is.

With Adsense each advert is not worth the same, you could have one advert that would give you 10cents then another may give you $1 per click. It depends on the demand for that type of advert, for instance if a number of companies are competing for advertising space on loans the company offering the most per click will get their adverts displayed first.

Unfortunately Google does not let you see how much an Advert is worth so it is hard to produce content aimed at those sorts of adverts.

Adsense has the ability to put your earnings straight into your bank account so there is no messing about with cheques in the post.

9. Managing your Adsense account.

Keeping track of your Adsense account is important, some people like to check their Adsense account daily (a bit like counting your money) others check it less frequently. I like to check a few times a week but if I�m running a feature on the site such as this article I will check more often.

It may be obvious but make sure your details are up-to-date and Google are always bringing out new ways for you to make money so keep checking the Adsense site..

10. Keep monitoring your adverts.

If you have certain adverts doing well keep a close eye on them as they may not keep doing well, a change in your navigation could change the content of the adverts so keep an eye on the adverts across your site.

On Blogs and Forums where the content is constantly changing from user posts and comments you might even get some adverts you weren�t expecting.

Channels are a good way of checking certain pages and advert layouts (are certain adverts on a page doing better than other ads.

Adsense also has an affiliate program so if you do want to give it a try you can with the banner below. Hopefully this article has given you an insight into how Adsense works and whether it will be useful for your site


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