Commentary - Demonstration against the use of English in the teaching of Mathematics and Science

Yesterday's demonstration against the use of English in the teaching of Mathematics and Science has been described as an exercise in futility, since the Government has yet to make a decision on the matter.

But that assumes the protest masterminds did not realise this and were merely engaging in futile actions.

The more likely prospect is scarier: that they were deliberately pressuring or intimidating the Government into making the decision they want.

Clearly, such demonstrations that disturb the peace and infringe on the public interest are anti-social.

If the Govern­ment gives in to their demands now, other groups with other causes will be encouraged to take to the streets to force their preference on the nation.

In a mature and reasonable society, there is no substitute for rational discourse where differences of opinion exist. But the proper channels for registering disagreement are nullified and threatened by rowdy protests.

The standard of English for the vast majority of Malaysians has fallen over the years, so there is simply no case against improving it.

The realities of an increasingly competitive world demand that we raise our standard of the foremost international language.

Even the majority of students at school prefer to use English in these two subjects. Advocates of English should also speak out more.

If reason and the popular will mean anything to these protesters, they should change their views forthwith.

Perhaps more should be done to ensure teachers are better prepared to manage these subjects in English.

But the choice of Mathematics and Science, which require little prose to teach and which already possess many terms in English, shows the concessions the Government has already made.

It may seem “easier” for people whose native tongue is not English to reject having to deal with the language altogether. But that is the way for people with little inkling of what the future holds.

For now, such protest moments give political opportunists an opening to exploit.

The authorities in turn need to be firm, and enforce the law professionally against those who would flout it, without any recourse to senseless brutality.


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  1. berita terhangat masa kini.. semuga ada penyelesaian nya..


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