Pay And Be Rewarded With The New Hong Leong Debit Card

Hong Leong Bank (HLB) today launched the Hong Leong Debit Card, the new debit card in town that rewards customers when they use it instead of cash.

Speaking at the launch, Ms Yvonne Chia , the Group Managing Director of Hong Leong Bank said, "There are more than 24 million ATM cards in circulation in Malaysia , with most cards having the e-debit capability tied to MEPS. In the past 5 years, payments using debit card has grown by more than 80%, hence making it a popular payment choice among Malaysians. With this growing acceptance in Malaysia and globally, we believe there is vast potential to further increase the use of debit cards. HLB with its large active retail customer base aspires to be a formidable player in this debit card market."

"Consumers today are spending cautiously within their means. This consumer segment seeks an efficient payment option, more rewards and cashless convenience both locally and globally. The launch of the new Hong Leong Debit Card is timely and relevant in these uncertain and still challenging times, and is aimed to deliver far greater value than cash wherever it is used", added Chia.

The new Hong Leong Debit Card carries both the Visa and MEPS brands. It is an internationally accepted payment cum ATM card that is linked directly to the customer's Hong Leong Current or Savings Account. It may be used for retail purchases at over 29 million authorized Visa and MEPS merchants in Malaysia and around the globe, as well as for internet purchases.

The debit card retail purchase transaction may be operated with a PIN or signature – PIN based transaction is for MEPS e-debit purchases while signature based transaction is for Visa purchases. As the debit card is also an ATM card, it offers the convenience of cash withdrawal at over a million ATMs that display the PLUS and MEPS logos in Malaysia and worldwide.

The new Hong Leong Debit Card is the first debit card to feature over 100 daily essential items in its Redemption Programme and HLB has partnered with several Fortune 500 FMCG companies in the selection of these items. "Designed with our customer's interest in mind, we want to make it easy for our customers to earn reward points. They earn 1 Reward Point for every RM1 spend. With the accumulated points, they can redeem an assortment of daily essentials from shampoo to detergents to even beverages and food items. This is in line with HLB's vision to develop innovative products that reward and delight our customers to create long-term relationships," said Chia.

The other features of the new Hong Leong Debit Card are the limited loss liability of RM150 which helps to allay fears of using the debit card, and the provision of a monthly statement which itemizes the retail card spend thus allowing customers to track their expenses. Customers have a choice of hard copy or online statement. Online statements are available free of charge. Applying for the Hong Leong Debit Card is also easy and instant with no income requirement.

With the Chinese New Year celebration around the corner, Hong Leong Debit cardholders will enjoy exclusive offers such as free "yee sang" or cash vouchers when they dine at selected restaurants. As part of the launch campaign, HLB is also giving away free 42" Plasma TVs and Portable DVD Players with minimum retail spend via their Hong Leong Debit Card Swipe and Win Contest.

For customer's convenience, HLB will have extended weekday banking till 6:00 p.m. and is open on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at selected branches to ensure that customers get to collect "angpow" packets, exchange notes and apply for the new Hong Leong Debit Card at the same time.

For further information, visit any of HLB's branches nationwide, call 1-800-38-8888 during office hours or log on to . Product terms and conditions apply.

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